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mark johnson is a digital media designer and web junky. he’s also a: music lover, bug smasher, disciple, dance captain, app junkie & active cyclist.

mark johnson will rock your face off with a website. he knows one or two things about how a website should look and feel to a certain audience.



  • adobe photoshop
  • adobe illustrator
  • coda
  • espresso
  • cssedit
  • adobe dreamweaver
  • adobe flash
  • adobe premier pro
  • adobe after effects
  • adobe soundbooth
  • microsoft office

skill set

  • xhtml+css
  • content-management systems
  • audio/video conversion
  • search engine optimization
  • company branding
  • advanced typography
  • raster/vector graphics
  • entry-level PHP
  • entry-level flash
  • entry-level JavaScript
  • email newsletters


academic background

robert morris university – 2007 to 2010

bachelor degree- media arts: web design
pittsburgh technical institute – 2001 to 2003

associates degree- multimedia technologies

extending my education

Apart from these fine institutions, I’ve also managed to extend my knowledge beyond the academic scope of learning. Hard work, loads of books, and trial and error have sharpened my visual edge, but have also branded my technique from other designers.